Fee Structure

The Orcas Island Farmers Market Board has established the following fee structure and regulations for 2018.

Additional Vendor Information and Requirements are listed here.

There are three classes of vendor participation:

Full Season Subscription, in which a vendor purchases units of 10×10 booth space for every Saturday during the full season, which is defined as a period from May through October (The MM may extend the season, for no additional vendor charge, pending weather and facility availability, into November);

Partial Season Subscription, in which a vendor purchases units of 10×10 booth space for an 8 contiguous week period, chosen by the vendor, from May through the end of the season;

Drop in, in which a vendor purchases a 10×10 booth space for a single Saturday.

Rules and regulations for vendor participation are posted here.

The fees for these classes are:

Full Season Subscription: $480/10×10 booth space*

Corner Fee: $175/10×10 booth space

Partial Season Subscription: $250/10×10 booth space

Drop In, June through September: $35/ Single Saturday

Drop In, May, October, November: $25/ Single Saturday

Full Season Vendor- Fall Package $120 (7 weeks)

Partial Season Vendor Indoor Market Oct/Nov  $140 (7 weeks)

*** We will be charging full season food vendors that use disposable plates, silverware, cups or napkins a $25 garbage fee

  • Permanent corner locations for Full Season Vendors pay a supplemental premium location fee of $150. For 2018 there are 8 premium-location corners. If you are interested, see MM for details.
  • Full Season subscription fees must be paid in full prior to April 18. Vendors who have not paid in full are not permitted to participate in the Market. There is a $50 late payment fee for payments received after April 18 for Full Season vendors who are continuing from a previous year. Partial Season Vendors must pay in full a minimum of two weeks prior to beginning of their 8 week “season”. Partial Season vendors may not participate in the Market unless they have fully paid.
  • Season and Partial Season Vendors must notify the Market Manager by April 1 of their intention to participate in the Market.
  • Full and Partial Season Vendors fees include booth space and web listing.
  • Fees are non-refundable. Fees must be paid by check or cash. Drop in vendors must supply the same information as Annual Subscription vendors.
  • OIFM does not own or manage the facility upon which the Farmers Market occurs.
  • OIFM does not represent that the facility is suitable or available at all times or for any particular vendor’s needs.